Saturday, October 3, 2009

Not fitting in

I have spent my whole life moving from one place to another. Even as a child we moved every couple of months. There were always new places to explore and new friends to make. I loved it, up to now. But now I have come to rest at a place I never thought I would end up in, an uncaring and unfriendly town.

This is a place where I don't belong, a place where I am all alone. These people and their mistrusting ways have killed off a once outgoing personality; someone who never met a stranger no longer tries to be a friend. I no longer set myself up for rejection, I no longer try to make friends. I have learned to live among the unfriendly people in this town, I have become a loner.

But I have my own little refuge in the midst of the unfriendly, a place where I am welcome everyday. Three loving dogs greet me every morning here at Muddy Mutts Acres. In a place where I am unwanted I come home and create a better world, a world where the wrongs are righted and I fit in. The world I create when I write is the world where I belong.
C. Fern Cook

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