Saturday, October 31, 2009

learning from the past

We have a gentleman that comes a few times a year to our local theater, a beautiful 1927 grand theater. What he does is perfect for this historic movie theater; he brings a silent movie and plays accompaniment on a pipe organ.

Along with playing music, he tells all about the making of the movie and gives special tidbits of information about the silent movie stars in the film.

This time he brought "The Cat and the Canary", perfect for Halloween. The movie was very dramatic with its use of light and shadow, and the organ music did double duty for the sound effects. It reminded me of something that I needed to pay more attention to as a writer ... the setting.

In writing a setting, we can use scenery, lighting, or noises to set up the scene. Sometimes it is good to go back and see what we have left out of the setting. How can we improve the setting to enhance the mood for what is coming next?

C. Fern Cook
Wild Evolution

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  1. Great reminder, thanks for the post, Fern. Setting can be one of the strongest components in a story, and if done well can work with characterization to build an even stronger story that will grab the reader and not let go...

    -Penumbra Publishing


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