Wednesday, January 27, 2016

X-tra, X-tra, X-Files is baaaaaack...

So, have you seen the first two episodes of the rebooted six-episode special X-Files on Fox, Mondays? (Yeah, the poster says eight episodes, but in reality we are only being given six.)

The eerie music is back. Dana Scully, Fox Mulder, and Director Skinner are back. A bit older, a bit grizzlier, and perhaps a bit wiser, but still respectively doubting, wanting to believe, and trying to keep investigative shenanigans quiet from the big guys 'upstairs'...

The opening two episodes "The Truth" parts 1 and 2, have aired already. The third episode is set to air next Monday, February 1, 2016. Werewolves. Yeah.

The tone, look, and story line seems true to the original series that began airing in 1993. Conspiracy theories still abound. Guest monsters are making appearances to lighten up the pedal-to-the-metal conspiracy battle. The conspiracy holding this six-episode special together is a big'un with a twist on the alien cover-up story line, promising a sci-fi/political/fantasy-fest for all those fans out there who were left hanging, wanting to know the TRUTH. According to the promo poster, the truth is still out there. Hopefully it won't be a kitchen-sink free-for-all like LOST's wrap-up.

Whatever is in store, enjoy the reunion while it lasts...

Note: Image borrowed from a previously posted article at TorontoSun for visual identification purposes only.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Keep Writing

A note from our most prolific writer, Walter Knight...

Keep Writing

I am well into writing "America's Galactic Foreign Legion - Book 23 - Bandits."  Why write such a long series?  Why not write another series?  I did write a vampire book and a zombie book, but they didn't sell. My science fiction sells. I can't put ideas to paper and computer fast enough.

The invention of Kindle E-books changed writing and publishing forever. Before Kindle, the Big Six New York publishers controlled what we were allowed to read and publish, rejecting 99 percent of all manuscripts submitted. Now, there are many small online publishers. If an author cannot find a publisher, he or she can self-publish. It's a great time to write. No author can be shut out.

Sort of. An author still needs to be noticed to make money. Online publishers and self-published authors have flooded the market with millions of books. Established publishers have converted their out-of-print backlists to E-books. How can an author with no New York connections ever hope to break through and be noticed in such an ocean of E-books? It's next to impossible.

An agent told me to not write just one book, that one-hit wonders cannot be easily marketed, especially in the science fiction genre. He said write a sequel, then another, and another. You'll gain credibility as you write. Hone your skills.

I cannot control whether a big publisher will publish my books. I cannot control whether readers will buy my books, or even like them. What can I control? I can keep writing no matter what. If I cannot write a million book best seller, I will at least write a science fiction series so long in cannot be ignored. 

I am not getting rich. No one owes me a living. But, sales happen every day. That's good for a new author with no advertising budget. Will I stop at #23 in the series? Oh, hell no. Write long and prosper.

Walter Knight