Monday, January 30, 2012

It's F***in' Free Friday Kindle Ebook!

OK, so maybe F***in' Free Friday is not the greatest promo title we've ever come up with. But it's appropriate for this Friday's free ebook offering, considering the 'F' word gets used a lot in this young-adult dystopian novel written by fifteen-year-old Aidan Watson-Morris. Language aside, this is a strong and moving story you won't want to miss!

Aidan Watson-Morris
Futuristic Dystopian Young-Adult (language/violence)

Eleven hates training and hates The Cliff. Eleven is just a number in the military's powerful and vast corps of elite soldiers trained from birth after passage of the Life Act. But Eleven wasn't one of the unwanted fetuses handed over to the military; he was an orphan, an experiment, like the ten others in his group. He hates the constant training and pain the goes along with it. He hates the idea that his life is dedicated solely to training to kill and training to die in the service of his country. But that is all he knows, and he has no choice. Or does he? Following a training accident with The Cliff, he is given books to read while recuperating. And a whole new world opens up to him ... a world that puts the seed of an idea in his head. Maybe he can actually beat The Cliff.

Saturday, January 28, 2012


Three FREE days of Jamie Wasserman's newest vampire tale, HOLDING BACK THE DAY on Amazon Kindle, starting Wednesday, February 1.

Jamie Wasserman
Paranormal Vampire

By the author of wildly popular BLOOD AND SUNLIGHT comes a new vampire tale. Claire's best friend and inspiration is her courageous and forthright grandmother Millie. Claire wants to be like her, but that's not such an easy task. When a charismatic boy named Jack comes to town, Claire realizes there's more to her grandmother than she'd ever guessed. Millie's harboring a big secret, and Claire suspects that secret is perennially mysterious Jack.

Thursday, January 26, 2012


On Tuesday, January 31, last day of the month, get Robert Wetherall's romantic aeronautics corporate drama FREE on Amazon Kindle...

Robert J. Wetherall
Romantic Airline Corporate Drama

Born to fly, a teenage Nebraska girl soars to the pinnacle of the global airline industry.
Kelly Cavanaugh fearlessly meets challenges in the air and of the heart. As she matures, she learns valuable life lessons from her family, the love of her life, a recurring powerful nemesis, plus a host of friends and mentors. Like the proverbial phoenix, she rises from the ashes of tragedy, not only to survive, but to flourish and soar over obstacles and adversaries. Through it all, the freedom of flight sustains her.
Crisply told with breathtaking flight sequences and riveting emotional conflicts, Last Flight Home brings this engaging saga to a warm and satisfying conclusion.

Sunday, January 22, 2012


When history and fantasy merge in a mystical miasma of guilt and pleasure and pain, it can be maddening - especially on Monday! Check out another free Kindle day with ANGEL'S ORACLE, a gritty yet lyrical look into the past of the South...

Gary Bolick
Southern Literary Historical Racial

Angel, Mississippi's one claim to fame is an unusual natural phenomenon known to the local blacks as Moses' Rock, and to everyone else, Angel's Oracle. The singing rock nestled in the ground deep in the back woods is rumored to be the source of the Four Winds - Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Almost everyone in Angel has a story to tell about the Oracle, and many believe it holds mystical secrets to be revealed and heard only when the wind blows.
But a hard-working albino white man in 1959 has a special history with Angel's Oracle. And over a three-day Easter weekend, he comes to realize many things, the least of which is that he fits in better with the ‘coloreds’ than he does with his own ‘white folk.’
With gritty realism and wondrous mysticism, Angel’s Oracle focuses on the microcosm of Angel, Mississippi – America from 1859 to 1959 to the present. Angel’s Oracle tells the story of free will, race relations, religion’s influence on capitalism, the love of one brother for another, and the power of myth, religion, and history to shape love and hate, and to sway man toward failure and redemption. It is a lesson hard won and not easily forgotten.

Caution - Violence, sexual situations ... some readers may find content disturbing

FIVE-DAY FREE KINDLE - America's Galactic Foreign Legion

This Wednesday through Sunday, GET LUCKY! AMERICA'S GALACTIC FOREIGN LEGION - BOOK 1: FEELING LUCKY will be on Amazon Kindle for FREE. If you haven't read this hilariously politically incorrect military science fiction saga, here's your chance to sample the first in the series.

Walter Knight
Military Science Fiction Political Humor/Satire

One more roll – that’s all habitual gambler Joey Czerinski needs to get himself off Old Earth and away from the bad-ass loan shark hunting him down like a mongrel to be euthanized. But a sneaky ATM looking to fill its Foreign Legion new recruits quota has something else in mind for Mr. ‘Big Spender’ Czerinski. When he agrees out of desperation to take a loan from the crazy ATM, all bets are off.
War is hell, and hell comes knocking when it’s time for Czerinski to pay up. Forced into the Legion by the tricky ATM and an unscrupulous lawyer, Czerinski finds himself deeper in trouble than he’d ever imagined. But what’s one more roll for a perennial rule-bender? If Czerinski can survive what’s thrown at him amid galactic war against a spider-like enemy that could spell doom for the human race, maybe ... just maybe ... he’ll manage to come out alive in this grisly game of shoot-’em-up – if his luck holds out.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Tuesdays are trouble, another day at the beginning of the week, but more fun with a FREE Amazon Kindle copy of David Berardelli's crime suspense novel ESCAPE CLAUSE!

David Berardelli
Crime suspense

Hank Lee, a field representative for a large construction corporation in Orlando, Florida, is having a drink in a bar one night when he spots a woman who reminds him of Sally Burns, the love of his life he’d foolishly let slip through his fingers seven years earlier. Before he can find out if it is truly her, the chain of events quickly turns chaotic, and Hank fears the woman of his dreams could be in grave danger.
Following the trail she’s left behind, Hank discovers Sally is now married to one of the richest men in the state. But when he goes to tell the software king Sally’s turned up missing, he finds the man oddly unconcerned, and wonders if he knows more about the situation than he pretends. As Hank digs further to find out what happened to Sally, he suddenly finds himself in danger too, and realizes corporate politics can be murder – literally.
Sally’s fate depends her wits and ability to survive, and on Hank’s tenacity to find out the truth and find her before it’s too late. If there’s a contract on her life, what she needs – what they both need – is an escape clause.


Mondays can be murder - but the day will be much better with a FREE Amazon Kindle copy of David Berardelli's crime/detective suspense FATAL INNOCENCE!

David Berardelli
Crime suspense

A hard-drinking, womanizing Orlando software king risks his empire after meeting a beautiful redhead in a bar. At first all he can think about is getting her in the sack. But bad things keep happening in his business and his home life, and he starts to wonder if this mystery woman is the source of all his trouble. A private detective hired to look into it starts suspecting this woman comes from the tycoon's checkered past and is out to get him. But can he find out the truth before she ruins the man? Or should he just step back and let it happen?


This Thursday, get a free Amazon Kindle copy of STEPPING OUT OF MY GRAVE, the paranormal intrigue by David Berardelli.

David Berardelli
Paranormal ghost suspense

Sometimes ya gotta do the right thing - even when you're dead! A software company owner gets hit by a tricked-out truck and wakes up standing in his own grave. Once successful in life, he now has to learn the ropes of being dead. He soon finds out the afterlife of a ghost comes with its own perks, and he intends to use his for the greater good. His first 'project' is a street-smart teenage girl involved in a dangerous, desperate situation. But will all his newfound ghostly abilities be enough to keep her from becoming as dead as he is?


Every Wednesday in February, things are gonna get wild around here. The hilarious erotic romance, DOMINATRIX-ONLINE.COM will be FREE on Amazon Kindle. Starts Wednesday, February 1, and ends Wednesday, February 29.

Dallas White
Erotic Romance

When snarky über-slacker Dominique Milhaus gets arrested and hauled to jail on her twenty-fifth birthday and is charged with Internet prostitution, her nights as a video-streaming dominatrix come to an abrupt halt. But Gwinnet County motorcycle patrolman Richard Carlyle, subbing as booking officer at the station that night, has something else in mind for recently out-of-work Mistress Blackheart.
A little afternoon delight complicates things in a hurry, and the ex-dominatrix who can’t commit quickly finds herself at odds with the irritating cop used to getting everything his own way. Add a pair of handcuffs to the mix, and there’s no telling who will end up on top!

FANTASY FRIDAY FREE KINDLE - The Realms of Beliar: The Sword Myndarit

Andrew Arrowsmith's epic fantasy THE REALMS OF BELIAR will be FREE on Amazon Kindle this Friday, January 20.

Andrew Arrowsmith
Fantasy (quest/epic/high fantasy)

In the world Rigatona, magic rules. It is a world similar to Earth in many ways, though the physics are a little different. This is not just a different world, it is a different plane of existence.
A link between Earth’s Plane and this one has existed off and on for thousands of years, and it has, on several occasions, joined Earth and Rigantona, permitting travel from the lower plane (Earth’s) to the higher one with ease. Usually the passage is by accident, and travel in the other direction happens with great difficulty. Most life forms found on Earth are found on Rigatona as well, but then there are the others...
When the benevolent Empire of old is challenged by the upstart Alliance run by greedy, bloodthirsty tyrants, life, pleasant and prosperous under imperial rule, faces a bitter end as the Alliance closes in. But the gods are not above interfering, and four young, inexperienced people may hold the key to the continued future of the Empire – with a little help from a talking sword.

Monday, January 16, 2012

FREE KINDLE TRIANGLE TUESDAY - Parallel Triangle science fiction romance

This Tuesday January 17, and every Tuesday in the month of February, get a free Amazon Kindle copy of PARALLEL TRIANGLE, a riveting science-fiction romance by Sandy Hyatt-James.

Sandy Hyatt-James
Science Fiction Romance

An impossible love triangle develops between parallel worlds when scientists from another dimension on a planet mirroring Earth develop experimental technology that allows one person to travel between the two parallel planets.

Orion, the man chosen for this dangerous assignment, meets Elizabeth, an English Earthwoman given the Sight by his people - a gift of premonition that allows her to see visions of impending danger so that she can help avert it. But all this gift does is make her think she's crazy.

Gradually Orion comes to respect and admire Elizabeth, while knowing his heart really belongs to Jacosta, the beautiful leader of his region back on his home world. Amid threats of war on Orion's home world, Orion returns to Earth to try and rescue Elizabeth when she is kidnapped while trying to save a child.

Jacosta tries her best to step aside as she realizes her coldness toward Orion has pushed him into the arms of Elizabeth, but her heart won't allow her to let him go. As war escalates on his home world and Elizabeth slips deeper in danger, Orion is unable to choose between the two women he loves.

An act of desperation changes everything.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

FREE KINDLE MONDAYS - Dark Crescendo emotional romance

Beginning Monday, January 30, through February 27, DARK CRESCENDO by Lucille Naroian will be offered free on Amazon Kindle. This title is also available from the Kindle Prime Lending Library.

Lucille Naroian
Romantic Suspense

At the funeral of her famous pianist husband, Joanna Reed Dalton is stunned to see her former lover, Nick Jordan. For the last three years of her loveless marriage to Steven, she has dreamed of being with Nick again - and finally, he's back. As a pianist in her own right, Joanna now has a chance to enjoy life. The question is, will Nick be a part of it - and will her father allow it? Joanna's bid for freedom and love could end in heartbreak or happiness. Tension and uncertainty build in a dark crescendo, with the outcome unknown until the final notes.

Friday, January 13, 2012

FREE KINDLE SUNDAY - Blood and Sunlight


On Saturday, January 14, Jamie Wasserman's wildly popular vampire novel BLOOD AND SUNLIGHT will be FREE on Amazon Kindle for three days. (Ends Monday, so don't miss out!)

Jamie Wasserman
Vampire Horror Paranormal

Melanie would love to believe in fairytales. She’d love, in fact, to believe in anything. The twenty-three-year-old college dropout is stuck — stuck in a dead-end waitress job, stuck in her hometown of Ellicott City, Maryland, and stuck with a boyfriend who likes to play dress-up as a vampire.
Vampires. Her world and her reality are turned upside down when she encounters the real thing. Along the way, she meets Lucas, the would-be vampire slayer, his father the sheriff, and ultimately the vampire himself. Melanie learns that fairytales can come true, and evil isn’t always where you expect to find it.

And, be sure to check out Jamie's newest vampire novel, HOLDING BACK THE DAY...

Claire's best friend and inspiration is her courageous and forthright grandmother Millie. Claire wants to be like her, but that's not such an easy task. When a charismatic boy named Jack comes to town, Claire realizes there's more to her grandmother than she'd ever guessed. Millie's harboring a big secret, and Claire suspects that secret is perennially mysterious Jack.


For the next five Saturdays, starting January 14, science fiction romance is available on Kindle FREE...

Dana Warryck
Science Fiction Romance

A young widow and her son are caught in a deadly tug-of-war of intergalactic proportion over top-secret alien biotechnology missing from the military – and the original owners want it back!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

FREE KINDLE THIS FRIDAY - Colors, paranormal suspense

Fridays, January 13, Dave Berardelli's paranormal suspense, COLORS, will be free on Amazon Kindle. This title is also available from the Kindle Lending Library for Prime members.

David Berardelli
Paranormal Suspense

A young woman receives a very special gift of paranormal vision from a dying old lady, and soon her life is turned topsy-turvy when she starts digging into the hit-and-run incident that killed the old woman. Someone out there doesn't want her to find out who the killer is, and time is running out for her and everyone she comes in contact with. A man comes to her rescue, but she's not sure if he's there to help her or...

Monday, January 9, 2012

Blog Author Interview - Science Fiction for REAL MEN

AMERICA'S GALACTIC FOREIGN LEGION sci-fi series author Walter Knight was recently interviewed by Hank Brown at The Two-Fisted Blog, which focuses on what real men read (you know, those guys that supposedly don't eat quiche). Check out the first half of the interview, which was posted on The Two-Fisted Blog and read the entire interview at Virtual Pulp Press. Politically incorrect or not, Walter's views are straight-shootin' from the hip.

Politically Incorrect Sci-Fi?

2FB: I am pleased to present this interview with science fiction author Walter Knight, who has 14 books (so far) in his America's Galactic Foreign Legion series published. I had put some of his books up on Virtual Pulp Press before realizing this was the same Walter who occasionally commented on the Two-Fisted Blog. Welcome, Walter! Tell us about the AGFL series.

WALTER: Thank you Hank for inviting me to the 'Two-Fisted Blogger'.

America's Galactic Foreign Legion is a 14 book science fiction series using humor to depict a strong America taking humanity and American culture across the galaxy to fight aliens on a distant planet colony. AGFL started out as serious “Starship Troopers” type military science fiction, but soon evolved into something else, something special.

I explore the Americanization of space. What does that mean? In the universe I create, after several wars, America is forced to share a distant planet colony with the Arthropodan Empire. They're spiders. In fact, humanity is alone in a galaxy full of various bug civilizations.

America's Galactic Foreign Legion maintains a fragile truce with the spiders across a DMZ, but our real secret weapon is our culture. The aliens succumb to American culture when we bring in the heavy artillery: satellite TV, fast food, McDonald's, Walmart, the Mafia, drugs, alcohol, casino gambling, sports betting, football, baseball, Nike sports products, skateboards, the Teamsters Union, the internet, gold rushes, immigration, Starbucks coffee, cigarettes, MREs, terrorist insurgency, lawyers, democracy, freedom, American music, and sex. The aliens belatedly try to legislate against the Americanization of their culture, but resistance is futile.

I draw a parallel with the Americanization of third world countries in our real world. For example, you have Kentucky Fried Chicken in Baghdad, and McDonald's hamburgers in Pakistan. Rioters in Egypt complaining about American influence carry iPods, and wear American T-shirts and Nike shoes. Iran and China tried to legislate against American influence by restricting internet use and banning satellite dishes, but it's too late. America has already won. It's just a matter of time before the whole world becomes American.

America's Galactic Foreign Legion has been described as politically incorrect, and I will admit some of my legionnaires have issues, and are a bit shady and unethical. Some will steal anything not nailed down, and the lead character is a compulsive gambler. However, unlike other military humor (M.A.S.H. and Catch-22, for instance), my books have a positive American military spin. If humanity ever crosses the galaxy, it will be on American starships. No one else can do it. Is portraying a strong future America politically incorrect? I don't think so. Some people just can't handle a strong America. Too bad, so sad, for them.

2FB: Pontificate a bit on the state of science fiction, where it came from, how it got to the point it's at now, and where you see it going. Also how your books fit into it, and/or into the military sci-fi niche.

WALTER: Science fiction represents about six percent of book sales. It truly has become a niche market. Many publishers will not even consider Sci/Fi submissions, considering the genre unprofitable. Divide science fiction into speculative fiction and fantasy. I do not consider tales of magic and vampires to be science fiction, and it irritates me to see real science fiction forced to share shelf space with such books.

Science fiction is sub-categorized even further into end-of-the-world stories, zombies, space exploration, and military science fiction. I have created even more of a niche market by leaving the Star Trek type starships behind, and writing about infantry soldiers. The humor aspect leaves America's Galactic Foreign Legion all alone among new science fiction.

I am not happy with the current state of science fiction in books and film. Science fiction has been abandoned to liberals, with their sorry tales about failed ecology, Apocalypse America, U.N.-type galactic governments, evil corporations, politically correct female warriors, and anti-military rhetoric. Someone needs to bring back John Wayne. I suspect that Hollywood and the Big Six New York publishing establishment is biased, and suppresses conservative science fiction. At the very least there is a void that I will gladly fill.

2FB: Oh you suspect that, do you? Personally, I suspect the Al Capone mob sometimes engaged in behavior that could be construed as possibly illegal. How long did you try to get somebody in New York's attention before you got published?

WALTER: My story started out similar to many other writers. I sent my manuscript out to every publisher and agent I could find online, getting back many form rejection letters. To my dismay I found that large publishers did not want unsolicited manuscripts from new authors, and required I submit through an agent. These days you almost need an agent to get an agent. Finally an agent in his rejection letter gave me some sage advice. He advised that I write a sequel. He stated that no matter how well I write, one-hit wonders are unprofitable, and no agent will touch them.

Read the complete interview on VPP, where you can also find links to all 14 books in the series.

Walter's books are available in ebook and print, available through popular online book retailers like Amazon and Barnes and Noble and Smashwords!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

BOOK REVIEW CORNER - 'Bound' by Kira Saito

(Book 1 of the Arelia LaRue series)
by Kira Sato
YA Paranormal Romance
Reviewed by Willa K. Danes, author at Penumbra Publishing
$0.99 Kindle ebook

When I first heard about this book through an author interview talking about voodoo, I was excited to read the book. I liked the cover and was curious to find out more about the mysterious topic of voodoo and to read about budding New Orleans voodoo queen, Arelia LaRue. On the topic of voodoo, the author did explain the basics through her main character Arelia, who does not want to be a voodoo queen but was blessed by a powerful spirit and so cannot really avoid it.

Everything else about the book just sort of fell away like rotting flesh from a zombie. It's not that the book was bad so much as it required some TLC to lift it from confusing and annoying to something special and memorable. The story line and the execution just weren't enough to perform that needed magic to make this book good.

Arelia as a main character was understandably not perfect, but by the end of the story, she hadn't seemed to grow very much from the rude and inconsistent sixteen-year-old that she started out as. And her friend Sabrina was just plain vacuous and annoying. She didn't get any better by the end of the book either. I seriously wondered why Arelia would want to be friends with her, except that she didn't appear to have any other friends.

The real puzzler was Lucas LaPlante, son of the owners of the plantation where Sabrina and Arelia are invited to work for the summer. Genteel and oddly out of touch with everything contemporary, Lucas nevertheless seems smitten by Arelia despite her often scathing attitude. Rich and pampered Sabrina certainly doesn't need a job, but she accepts the summer position strictly to fulfill her mission to attract a wealthy husband - and she has set her sights on Lucas. Arelia, on the other hand, desperately needs the money, but finds out the job is not what it seems, nor is the reason for her being invited to the plantation as a tourist assistant.

Sadly I was disappointed by the shallow inconsistencies of all the characters and the lack of believability in the story line and a lot of the behavior of the various characters. That could be expected and excused where minor background characters were concerned, but the unevenness of the main characters was quite disturbing at times, especially when Arelia could't seem to make up her mind from one second to the next whether or not she wanted to acknowledge the spirits who visited her and whether or not she liked or didn't like 'Shirtless Guy' - Lucas, her boss of sorts. And then there was very strange and confusing Ivan, whose bizarre knowlege about Arelia and her gift was never explained in the book at all.

I realize that this story is designed to be part of an ongoing series, but rules of fiction dictate that each story should be a complete story within itself. The problem is, this story stops abruptly, leaving too many unanswered loose ends. One of the main loose ends is how Lucas LaPlante could possibly be attracted to waffling and recalcitrant Arelia LaRue, whose character seems weak and cowardly most of the time, despite the persistent reminders of everyone around her, telling her how strong and important she is. But ultimately, pretty just isn't enough to make her rise from inconsistent unbelievability to achieve the strength a real heroine needs to carry a series. Add to that a serious lack of consistent and correct punctuation in the story mechanics, and you have a simmering cauldron of mediocre reading.

I really was looking forward to reading this story and tried very hard to like it, but that was difficult, given what was there to work with. Sadly I cannot recommend this book except as a brief introduction to the voodoo arts. As for the romance and the story delivery, I've read better and will keep looking for more of that elsewhere.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Free Kindle Tuesdays - Vampire in the Outfield

Every Tuesday in the month of January, we're offering a free Kindle copy of the novella, VAMPIRE IN THE OUTFIELD, by Walter Knight, author of the popular humorous sci-fi military series AMERICA'S GALACTIC FOREIGN LEGION.


Amazon customer Victor Standish had this to say about VAMPIRE IN THE OUTFIELD... "This is my new favorite read. I laughed. I cried. Ah, that last when my ghoul friend, Alice, smacked me on top of my head for ignoring her while I was reading it. This book will brighten whatever day in which you read it. You will not regret reading this one. Walter has done it again, Victor Standish (I'm borrowing Roland Yeomans' computer to do this.)"

Fellow author Natasha Larry had this to say about VAMPIRE IN THE OUTFIELD... "I can say that I gobbled down this story. I'll go ahead and say this is some of the best vampire fiction I've read in awhile. Now, is it serious vampire fiction? Absolutely not, and that was the point. It was also why I loved it. I think I laughed through the entire thing. Vampire in the Outfield is about a young man who wants to play baseball more than he wants to do anything else. The only thing is...he isn't very good...hence the steroids. Then he comes across a hot piece know...and she turns him into a vampire. Now he has to deal with that age old question....can vampires play baseball? Well, yes they can...still, it is a bummer...being a vampire and not being able to pose for all those publicity shots. After all, vampires have no reflections. He doesn't fly or sparkle either...and now, he has to take on the evil empire, namely, the New York Yankees. Vampire in the Outfield is a brilliant, tongue in cheek comedy about the world of vampires and baseball. It is quick and satisfying, which is a rare combination, and as such I am recommending it to anyone that has a sense of humor."


by Walter Knight
Fiction, humor, vampire

New humorous paranormal novella in ebook from the author of AMERICA'S GALACTIC FOREIGN LEGION series. A young man who just wants to play baseball in the major leagues ends up going to some questionable extremes to get his wish. A humorous look at baseball, vampires, and the Evil Empire (the New York Yankees) in a future where scouts will sign just about anybody – human or otherwise – if they can hit and play ball.

Get it here