Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Let your story 'ferment' to help find the 'hook'

To me, coming up with a unique hook [catchy gist or draw of the story] is a lot like making wine.

With winemaking, it takes about three months from pressing the fruit to pouring a good glass of wine. First you have to assemble the basic ingredients: fruit, sugar, and yeast, and then let nature take its course.

In writing you have to assemble basic ingredients: the idea, the characters, and a twist, and let the story come alive.

I found that the style I use in writing is similar to the fermentation process. The idea has to bubble and ferment before I end up with something that is useable.

With my last book I had most of the story done before an interesting opening hook came to me. My point is, don't worry. Let the story ferment for awhile - you might surprise yourself.

C. Fern Cook
author of
Wild Evolution

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