Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New and Recent Releases - Everything's ON SALE

Hello readers...

We've got several new releases out, soon to be available in ebook as well. They can be purchased from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other popular book retailers, as well as our web site and direct from the author!

Right now on our web site you can get $2.00 off any print title we sell direct, and get free economy shipping too! Visit http://www.penumbrapublishing.com/ to find out more...


Crystal Clear: Storm Ryder
by Dana Warryck
First in the new sci-fi-romance series

A widow and her young son are caught in the middle of a tug-of-war over top-secret alien biotechnology missing from the military. Meanwhile, the original owners want it back, and have sent someone to retrieve it!

The Protectorate: Patriarch
by Dana Warryck
First in the vampire erotic romance series (reissued in print)

A vampire sworn to protect the secret existence of his people risks everything to save a human child - and love a mortal woman.

Lucifer's Last Lover
by Dana Warryck
First in the supernatural romance series, Good and Evil (reissued in print and retitled)

Satan faces his ultimate downfall in the arms of a beautiful corporate PR expert.

Learning to Love on Indian Time
by C. Fern Cook
Inspirational/sweet romance (reissued in print and retitled)

A woman newly ordained as a minister goes out west to begin a new job with a small parish and learns that, like everything else in the small town, love runs on 'Indian Time.'


Wild Evolution
by C. Fern Cook

A Colorado rancher evolves into someone - something - different after he becomes a werewolf by contamination and his former best friend, a local deputy, tries to pin him with murder.

Talk of the Town
by Lucille Naroian
Category romance

A mystery writer butts heads with a caustic talk-show host on live TV, and their antics become ... the talk of the town!

Mistress Blackheart: Policeman's Prerogative
by Dallas White
First in the Dominatrix series

An internet dominatrix tangles with the police officer who booked her for arrest - add a pair of handcuffs, and no telling who will end up on top!

by Willa Kaye Danes
Magical romance

To save her clan from extinction, a three-inch-tall fairy must find and return with a half-pixie, half-human childhood playmate who's now a man all grown up. If he comes back with her to Fairyland, will he stay as her mate?

Happy reading - check back soon for more new and exciting additions to our catalog of available books from great authors!


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