Wednesday, September 7, 2011

America's Galactic Foreign Legion Book 11 Cemetery City

Now available in ebook and coming soon in print!

America's Galactic Foreign Legion
Book 11 - Cemetery City
by Walter Knight
humorous science fiction

Colonel Lopez returns to planet New Colorado with an agenda - mining rare metals used in communications and weapons technology on which the USGF is so dependent. The only problem is, the ore vein is located across the border in Arthropodan territory. But Lopez has a plan to get around that little technicality, and it involves Major Joey R. Czerinski's chain of cemeteries. The spider commander takes offense at the Legion's claim-jumping, and Lopez gets caught in the middle of the fracas as the absurdity continues in the eleventh installment of the seriously screwy science fiction space saga.

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1 comment:

  1. The "America's Galactic Foreign Legion" series is succesful beyond my wildest expectations, and has been fun writing to boot. I am currently deep into writing AGFL-14.

    I will keep writing as long as it is fun.


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