Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Breaking Bad Spin-Off "Better Call Saul"

Guest blog by SciFi/Humor author Walter Knight...

I dearly miss the TV series "Breaking Bad."  Its main Character Walter White (another world famous Walter) died horribly way too early.  I'm hoping Walter can be saved via soap opera surgery. 

I became on a first-name basis with much of the cast characters.  Grizzled ex-police officer Mike and DEA Agent Hank were interesting enough to carry their own shows.  R.I.P.  Marie, Walter Jr., and Skyler were annoying, but good support for the others.  Villain Gustovo deserved to die, but why Tuco?  Tuco was cool, wearing his temper on his sleeve.  The sidekick Badger was too loveable to kill off, but I feared for Skinny Pete.

But now "Breaking Bad" will live on in a spin-off, "Better Call Saul," featuring shady attorney Saul Goodman.  Junkie Jessie Pinkman may even make a cameo appearance.  I hope success for "Better Call Saul" so I can get my "Breaking Bad" fix.  It's been too long.  I'm still a bit twitchy from withdrawals. 

"Better Call Saul" premieres Feb 8, 2015 (AMC)

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