Sunday, May 31, 2009

WELCOME to Penumbra Publishing's Blog on

Penumbra Publishing is a start-up author cooperative dedicated to providing publishing opportunities in both print and ebook format for new authors and under-represented authors. Authors who've had problems getting noticed by 'traditional' publishers, don't want to lose control of their work to the grinding machine of traditional publishing, or don't want to go the lonely and oftentimes unrewarding route of self-publishing will discover comradeship with fellow authors at Penumbra Publishing. We are a community as well as a publisher.

Penumbra Publishing can't promise anyone stellar success or fame as a best-selling author. What we do is nuture undiscovered talent and work with novice writers to help develop their manuscripts into publishable novels that we think readers will want to buy and read. While we are in the transitional stage of growing our publishing cooperative, we can provide a steppingstone for new or lagging authors to get their books noticed by readers and by more traditional publishers.

If you have a book that is completed but not in good enough shape to submit to a traditional publisher, we can help. We carefully edit books that are close to publish-ready and have a writers' help group online at Yahoo for authors whose writing needs more polish through short-term writing workshops or long-term critique-trades. This is a great place to meet fellow authors and learn self-editing techniques while getting a book into publishable shape.

Please visit our web site today for more information, and don't forget to check out our books already available, because every writer should also be an avid reader. Keep an eye on Penumbra Publishing and watch as we grow!