Monday, January 30, 2012

It's F***in' Free Friday Kindle Ebook!

OK, so maybe F***in' Free Friday is not the greatest promo title we've ever come up with. But it's appropriate for this Friday's free ebook offering, considering the 'F' word gets used a lot in this young-adult dystopian novel written by fifteen-year-old Aidan Watson-Morris. Language aside, this is a strong and moving story you won't want to miss!

Aidan Watson-Morris
Futuristic Dystopian Young-Adult (language/violence)

Eleven hates training and hates The Cliff. Eleven is just a number in the military's powerful and vast corps of elite soldiers trained from birth after passage of the Life Act. But Eleven wasn't one of the unwanted fetuses handed over to the military; he was an orphan, an experiment, like the ten others in his group. He hates the constant training and pain the goes along with it. He hates the idea that his life is dedicated solely to training to kill and training to die in the service of his country. But that is all he knows, and he has no choice. Or does he? Following a training accident with The Cliff, he is given books to read while recuperating. And a whole new world opens up to him ... a world that puts the seed of an idea in his head. Maybe he can actually beat The Cliff.

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