Sunday, January 22, 2012

FIVE-DAY FREE KINDLE - America's Galactic Foreign Legion

This Wednesday through Sunday, GET LUCKY! AMERICA'S GALACTIC FOREIGN LEGION - BOOK 1: FEELING LUCKY will be on Amazon Kindle for FREE. If you haven't read this hilariously politically incorrect military science fiction saga, here's your chance to sample the first in the series.

Walter Knight
Military Science Fiction Political Humor/Satire

One more roll – that’s all habitual gambler Joey Czerinski needs to get himself off Old Earth and away from the bad-ass loan shark hunting him down like a mongrel to be euthanized. But a sneaky ATM looking to fill its Foreign Legion new recruits quota has something else in mind for Mr. ‘Big Spender’ Czerinski. When he agrees out of desperation to take a loan from the crazy ATM, all bets are off.
War is hell, and hell comes knocking when it’s time for Czerinski to pay up. Forced into the Legion by the tricky ATM and an unscrupulous lawyer, Czerinski finds himself deeper in trouble than he’d ever imagined. But what’s one more roll for a perennial rule-bender? If Czerinski can survive what’s thrown at him amid galactic war against a spider-like enemy that could spell doom for the human race, maybe ... just maybe ... he’ll manage to come out alive in this grisly game of shoot-’em-up – if his luck holds out.

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  1. I am hoping 100,000 free downloads will promote the rest of the series, and I am giving Amazon Prime a try.

    Amazon seems to be crowding out its competition with promotions. Not my problem. I hope readers enjoy the free books.


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