Wednesday, January 18, 2012

FANTASY FRIDAY FREE KINDLE - The Realms of Beliar: The Sword Myndarit

Andrew Arrowsmith's epic fantasy THE REALMS OF BELIAR will be FREE on Amazon Kindle this Friday, January 20.

Andrew Arrowsmith
Fantasy (quest/epic/high fantasy)

In the world Rigatona, magic rules. It is a world similar to Earth in many ways, though the physics are a little different. This is not just a different world, it is a different plane of existence.
A link between Earth’s Plane and this one has existed off and on for thousands of years, and it has, on several occasions, joined Earth and Rigantona, permitting travel from the lower plane (Earth’s) to the higher one with ease. Usually the passage is by accident, and travel in the other direction happens with great difficulty. Most life forms found on Earth are found on Rigatona as well, but then there are the others...
When the benevolent Empire of old is challenged by the upstart Alliance run by greedy, bloodthirsty tyrants, life, pleasant and prosperous under imperial rule, faces a bitter end as the Alliance closes in. But the gods are not above interfering, and four young, inexperienced people may hold the key to the continued future of the Empire – with a little help from a talking sword.

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