Monday, January 16, 2012

FREE KINDLE TRIANGLE TUESDAY - Parallel Triangle science fiction romance

This Tuesday January 17, and every Tuesday in the month of February, get a free Amazon Kindle copy of PARALLEL TRIANGLE, a riveting science-fiction romance by Sandy Hyatt-James.

Sandy Hyatt-James
Science Fiction Romance

An impossible love triangle develops between parallel worlds when scientists from another dimension on a planet mirroring Earth develop experimental technology that allows one person to travel between the two parallel planets.

Orion, the man chosen for this dangerous assignment, meets Elizabeth, an English Earthwoman given the Sight by his people - a gift of premonition that allows her to see visions of impending danger so that she can help avert it. But all this gift does is make her think she's crazy.

Gradually Orion comes to respect and admire Elizabeth, while knowing his heart really belongs to Jacosta, the beautiful leader of his region back on his home world. Amid threats of war on Orion's home world, Orion returns to Earth to try and rescue Elizabeth when she is kidnapped while trying to save a child.

Jacosta tries her best to step aside as she realizes her coldness toward Orion has pushed him into the arms of Elizabeth, but her heart won't allow her to let him go. As war escalates on his home world and Elizabeth slips deeper in danger, Orion is unable to choose between the two women he loves.

An act of desperation changes everything.

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