Saturday, June 20, 2009

PIXIE by Willa Kaye Danes now available

by Willa Kaye Danes


To save her dwindling clan, a three-inch fairy must find and return with a childhood playmate who's now a human man all grown up!

A three-inch-tall pixie has a very big problem - a human one. To save her clan from extinction, she challenges the ‘no boys’ rule and must find and return a half-human, half-pixie childhood playmate to Fairyland before the next full moon.

Trouble is, he's no longer the sweet and charming 'Boy' she fondly remembers. Now he's a man, all grown up, and not a very friendly one at that. What's worse, he's got a devious fiancée that may just be a real wicked witch plotting to do him and her whole clan terrible harm!
With the help of Boy's cantankerous father, Pixie must convince him to shrink to fairy size and return with her to Fairyland. And if he does, will he agree to stay as her mate?

Rating: Contains mild sexual references.

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