Sunday, June 7, 2009

Bitten by Books review

Dan could never have dreamed of what would happen to him when he was bitten by a crazed dog, or what he thought was a crazed dog, which he decapitated in defense. But when he woke the next day, he finds not the head of a dog, but a man. Is this real? Is he really going to turn into a werewolf? He has all the traits…but could it really be real?Tony Ramirez is part of the law. But when his friend Dan starts acting strangely, he is not sure of what to think. But suddenly, things in town start to turn strange. Dan is being aggressive when he is usually passive, people start going missing, and his friendship is on the rocks. Surely Dan is not involved in what is happening?
What do you do when you chop off the head of a dog that bit you and wake up the next morning to find a human head in its place? When you no longer act like yourself? When the moon, woods, and blood call to you?
This third person tale is a mix of werewolf and the Indian skin walker storylines. It makes for an interesting mix, but if you are looking for a more traditional tale, this will not rock your boat. If you, however, are looking for a new tale of the paranormal this may just fit your needs! The mental anguish that is readily apparent in the thoughts of the main character as he tries to deal with the mixed blessing makes this story more interesting…yet at the same time, it detracts from some of the details that Ms. Cook shares. I would have liked to have seen more details or thoughts from Tony Ramirez, especially when his friendship with Dan starts to wane. I did, however, enjoy the amount of detail the author shared of the wolf pack and Dan’s involvement with them. Wild Evolution is a strangely compelling tale that I just had to finish. While it does not fit with the rest of my normal reads, it is one that I may have to reread when I want a break from the norm.

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  1. Great review - and what's best about it is the reader, knowing it was not the usual fare, wanted to finish it and was pleased that it was different from the rest of the pack!

    -Willa Kaye Danes


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