Sunday, August 21, 2011

WEEK #4 of BLOOD & SUNLIGHT Anniversary Blogxtravaganza

Counting down to week #4 of our BLOGXTRAVAGANZA (yeah, go ahead, try to say that real fast three times) for Jamie Wasserman's vampire novel BLOOD AND SUNLIGHT! All this month the ebook version is on sale for 99-cents at Amazon.

Don't miss your chance to get a free copy of the ebook for yourself or a friend - follow this blog and email us at so we can send you a free download code from to get the ebook in any format you like.

That will also enter you in our end-of-event giveaway of a free print copy of the book, which will be announced Thursday, Sept. 1.

Remember, ya gotta follow this blog and email us. We won't keep or sell or spam your email, just need to know where to send your ebook free coupon or to contact you if you win the free print copy.

OK, so go ahead ... you know you want to do it ... BLOGXTRAVAGANZA - say it three times real fast!

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