Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Author Natasha Larry - Darwin's Children 'Bewitching Book Tour' Schedule

Follow author Natasha Larry as her debut novel, Darwin's Children, makes the rounds in the 'Bewitching Book Tour.' Here's the schedule of planned events...

August 17 - at 7:30, Romance Radio interview recording
August 29 - guest post at Pocket After Dark topic: writing paranormal/fantasy YA

August 30 - Fang-tastic Books
September 1 - interview and giveaway, Back Of The Book Reviews

September 2 - interview
September 2 - Close Encounters with the Night Kind.
September 3 - guest post Mysteriousbooks Blog url:
September 4 - review, Braintasia Books

September 5 - The Write at Home Mom, being a writer and mother
September 5 - interview at Dark Angel’s Writing Tools

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