Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Blood and Sunlight - One Year Anniversary Extravaganza (week 2)

It's the second week in August, and the summer's flying by - but boy what a hot one it's been! Hope you've all been having some fun in the sun.

Folks who don't particularly like the sun are vampires. They're more creatures of the night, preferring cool and dark places to do their worst.

For author Jamie Wasserman, it's been a year since his debut novel, Blood and Sunlight, came out of the shadows and into the light. To celebrate, we're hosting a month-long anniversary extravaganza. We'll be giving away daily a free copy of the ebook, plus and a chance to win a print copy at the end of August. Plus, the ebook will be on sale at Amazon for just 99-cents all through the month of August.

To enter for your free ebook copy and a chance to win a print copy, just follow our blog and email us at penumbrapublishing@gmail.com with your mailing address to enter. (Don't worry, we won't keep your info or sell it or give it away or send you spam - honest!) If you've read the book already but would like to give it as a gift, you can still enter.

A tidbit you may not know is that Jamie contacted Romanian photographer, Diana Barbu, to get permission to use one of her images in the front cover. The image is a retouched self-portrait of the photographer and creates a stunning visual impact!

Good luck and don't miss this chance to own a copy of this fantastic vampire tale from a promising new horror-paranormal author.

Get the Kindle version for 99-cents!

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