Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sentence Samplers #2

Oops, we missed First Sentence Fridays this week, so we're starting a day-late trend on Saturday. Tell us what you're reading ... open the book and pick the second sentence of any page, or the second sentence on the very first page. Or any sentence, for that matter. It's a fun Sentence Sampler - open Saturday and every day of the week - to let other people see what's available in books they may not have read yet! If you find a different sentence that's not a second sentence, that's OK - this is a sampler, so pick one sentence, two, or three and show us your Sentence Sampler! Be sure to include the title and author of the book.

Here's our Sentence Sampler for Saturday...

The neon lights flashing Pleasure Palace splashed onto the hectic crowd bullying its way through the front doors.

Escape Clause
by David Berardelli


Hank Lee, a field representative for a large construction corporation in Orlando, Florida, is having a drink in a bar one night when he spots a woman who reminds him of Sally Burns, the love of his life he’d foolishly let slip through his fingers seven years earlier. Before he can find out if it is truly her, the chain of events quickly turns chaotic, and Hank fears the woman of his dreams could be in grave danger.

Following the trail she’s left behind, Hank discovers Sally is now married to one of the richest men in the state. But when he goes to tell the software king Sally’s turned up missing, he finds the man oddly unconcerned, and wonders if he knows more about the situation than he pretends. As Hank digs further to find out what happened to Sally, he suddenly finds himself in danger too, and realizes corporate politics can be murder – literally.

Sally’s fate depends her wits and ability to survive, and on Hank’s tenacity to find out the truth and find her before it’s too late. If there’s a contract on her life, what she needs – what they both need – is an escape clause.

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