Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sentence Sampler #3

Look at him, Joanna! Take a really good look at him! He’s nothing but a vampire in a tuxedo. Give him six months, and he’ll suck the life right out of you.”

Dark Crescendo
by Lucille Naroian
Contemporary Romance
Rating: Language and some sexual content.

At the funeral of her famous pianist husband, Joanna Reed Dalton is stunned to see her former lover, Nick Jordan. For the last three years of her loveless marriage to Steven, she has dreamed of being with Nick again - and finally, he's back. As a pianist in her own right, Joanna now has a chance to enjoy life. The question is, will Nick be a part of it - and will her father allow it? Joanna's bid for freedom and love could end in heartbreak or happiness. Tension and uncertainty build in a dark crescendo, with the outcome unknown until the final notes.

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