Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Werewolves with a passion

Author and guest blogger C. Fern Cook (The 'Wild' werewolf series) has this to say:

I know some of you readers are thinking, all right erotica. I know this genre is huge, but this is not my genre. What passion I am talking about is Dan's and Lizzy's passion for all living creatures. This is my passion too, so why wouldn't it show up in my writing?

If you have read any of my reviews or comments from readers, you will find statements like this: Her love of animals comes through in her writing. In the back-story of all my stories, you'll find animals. The horrors in Wild series are not for the squeamish.

The first of the Wild series, Wild Evolution, involves illegal trapping and loss of habitat for a local wolf pack. The second in the series, Wild Justice, deals with canned hunting facilities. The third in the series, Wild Legacy, encompasses the issue of unnecessary animal testing for medical labs.

Some of the bears in Wild Justice are described as having their teeth pulled and being declawed. This comes from the barbaric practice called 'bear baiting'. This is where they take domestic bears, declaw them, pull their teeth, and chain them up. Then they let the dogs loose. People have the audacity to call this training their dog to tree bears for hunting purposes. They do this in front of cheering crowds. I can't believe people could be so heartless. You'd think this happens in third world countries, but it happens right here in the US. The Humane Society of the United States just ran an article about this in their All Animals magazine September issue called 'Torment in the Arena'. This gives me nightmares. You can't get much more horror than that.

The canned hunting facility is where they fence off an area so the animal cannot escape. The hunter pays big dollars to hunt bears, wild African goats, boar, elk, or whatever they can get ahold of to make good trophies for the mighty hunters to hang in their dens. They hunt these animals down using four-wheelers and dogs. The animal has nowhere to hide. Packs of dogs tear the poor animal's flesh right off their bones before they are called off so the mighty hunter can get a good shot. The hunter's bullet is a release from the terror and pain the animal goes through for the all-mighty dollar.

In the US we still test to see if soap in the eyes will sting. Is that stupid or what? Everyone who's ever had soap in their eyes already knows it stings. Many rabbits snap their necks trying to wiggle out of the straps that hold them down so they can free themselves from the caustic solution dropped in their eyes. This is done to see if the solution will cause redness or swelling when the researchers already know it does. Again, you can't get much more horror than this, and that is why I choose to use real-life horrors in the Wild series. I have to admit I get some pleasure in letting the bad guys get what they deserve in the Wild series.

C. Fern Cook
Wild Evolution
Wild Justice
Wild Legacy

(books available in print through http://www.penumbrapublishing.com/ and ebook and print from online retailers including http://www.amazon.com/)

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  1. I never really thought about like that until I seen this blog. A friend gave me the first book, Wild Evolution, I wouldn't have picked out the book myself but I was surprised I liked it. I had never read a werewolf story before.
    I liked it so much I bought the second book.
    Both books have animals being exploited in the story but I really never put two and two together. I guess this book is about werewolves with a passion.
    I have the third book on my list to get.


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