Saturday, November 27, 2010

Apex Review: Robert J. Wetherall, LAST FLIGHT HOME

Recently APEX REVIEWS completed an excellent review for Robert J. Wetherall's LAST FLIGHT HOME...

Last Flight Home
Robert Wetherall
ISBN: 9781935563280
Penumbra Publishing
Reviewed By Karynda Lewis
Official Apex Reviews Rating: 5 stars

Ever since she was a young teenager in Nebraska, Kelly Cavanaugh has known that she was destined for greatness; however, she likely didn’t realize the immensely difficult challenges she’d be forced to overcome in order to achieve it. As she rises to the top of the airline industry, she endures everything from heartbreak to tragedy to the throes of emotional trauma, but through the love of family and friends – as well as the unquenchable passion burning deep within her – she literally and figuratively flies over the worst that life has to offer on her way to fulfilling her destiny...

Last Flight Home is quite the emotionally satisfying read. In his stirring tale of personal triumph, author Robert Wetherall presents the reader with an encouraging reminder of the difficulties we all must face on the road to embracing our fate. Through the ups and downs of his courageous protagonist, Wetherall highlights the importance of remembering that life is a journey, not a destination, and that no matter how challenging our sojourns may be – the only way we ever lose is by failing to try. Highly recommended.

LAST FLIGHT HOME is available from Amazon in print, and at special limited-time sale pricing in Kindle...

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