Saturday, November 27, 2010

Apex Review for Andrew Arrowsmith's REALMS OF BELIAR

Recently APEX REVIEWS reviewed Andrew Arrowsmith's high-fantasy adventure, The Realms of Beliar: The Sword Myndarit...

The Realms Of Beliar: The Sword Myndarit
Andrew Arrowsmith
ISBN: 9781935563105
Penumbra Publishing
Reviewed By Chelsea Perry
Official Apex Reviews Rating: 4 stars

When the peace and stability of the longstanding Empire is threatened by the malevolent Alliance, an upstart group of bloodthirsty tyrants, the secure, prosperous life of old faces a tragic, abrupt end; however, four young, courageous heroes may just hold the key to preserving the Empire’s fate – but, in a world ruled by magic, only if they get a little help from a “higher” source...

Profoundly imaginative, The Realms Of Beliar: The Sword Myndarit is an enjoyable read. In the tradition of Tolkien, Herbert, and other Fantasy/Sci-Fi scribes, author Andrew Arrowsmith has crafted a compelling morality tale featuring unique characters and skillfully interwoven plotlines, all designed to captivate the readers’ interest as the all-engrossing suspense of the saga unfolds. By the end, you can’t help finding yourself inexorably drawn to the outcome of the heroes’ fate, as Arrowsmith proves quite adept at prolonging the much-anticipated climax of his winding tale. A recommended fantasy thriller.

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