Thursday, August 15, 2013

Death Spiral - the men's adventure series continues!

Author James Boedeker has penned another installment in his gritty, action-packed series about expatriates in Thailand. Check out Book 3!

by James Boedeker
Fiction: Men's Adventure, War/Military, Expatriate

Robert O’Leary is a family man now, happily living in Thailand with his two sons and wife Mina – and his extended adopted family. Fishing and teaching the boys baseball occupy most of his leisure time.

It’s been several years since he found himself in the middle of a bloodbath to avenge the mistreatment of his wife, and later to take down a psychopathic serial killer. The ghosts of his past rarely make an appearance in his dreams now, and the killing beast has not overtaken him in a long time. However, when his friend Bruce Broderic calls on him for assistance in a new mission, despite Mina’s objections, Robert feels obligated to at least hear Bruce out before he refuses his request.

Bruce’s plan to declare war on the Muslim extremists increasing their attacks in Thailand seems legitimate. However, Robert can’t help but distrust his friend, even though they fought side by side to bring down the German and Romanian presence in Bangkok to deliver justice and closure for Mina, and to take down the vicious Angel of Death. Robert knows that Bruce, a former CIA operative, keeps secrets from everyone and never tells the whole story. To get involved in another of Bruce’s schemes would mean getting in over his head and destroying the trust he has built with Mina. He’d have to let loose the beast inside him to kill again, and he knows he can’t afford to do that. It almost took him down in a death spiral last time, and he has too much to live for now. He has promised Mina the beast will never come out again.

But then Bruce gets in serious trouble when a rogue CIA agent double-crosses him and puts a death sentence on Robert and all those he cares about. Robert knows he has to come to Bruce’s aid and protect his family. No matter what his friend is mixed up in, he owes him a debt of honor that must be paid, and in the process chances losing his family. The stakes have never been higher, and failure is not an option.

Available now in ebook at popular online sites like Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and Smashwords. Coming soon in print!

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