Friday, May 17, 2013

NEW BOOK RELEASE - Battle for Blood

Zombie pirates, vampire space raiders, robots and mermaids and more! It's all here in one book! Well not exactly, but close. Penumbra Publishing brings you a new space adventure by the outrageous author team of Pedro Cerda and Daniel Stiles. And, yes, it's about zombie pirates and vampire raiders and a peaceful planet of purple people...

by Pedro Cerda and Daniel Stiles
Fiction / Science Fiction / Humor

In a future far, far ... in the future ... zombie pirates and vampire raiders, ancient enemies banished from Earth and forced to live on Venus and Mars respectively, terrorize space-faring travelers. Cruise ships, freighters, and more are targeted. The vampires want blood. The zombies just want hair shaved from their victims to smoke and get high. But either way, many people die.

In the course of an ill-fated raid, misinformation from a human captive attempting to save his own life leads a group of zombie pirates and vampire raiders to a small peaceful planet known as Athenein. They have been informed the blood of the Athenein people can be utilized to provide superpowers when brought to their home solar system, and each race is eager for the advantage.

Will the Athenein world fall victim to these invaders, or will its plucky people somehow manage to fend them off and protect their peaceful way of life? Guess you’ll just have to read the book to find out...

Available now in ebook and soon in print at popular online retailers like Amazon, Smashwords, and Barnes & Noble!


  1. Zombies getting high from hair shavings? That sounds like something I would read.

    Good job, and welcome to our world.


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