Sunday, May 26, 2013

New Book Release - ALTERATIONS by Rita Plush

Rita Plush
Fiction / short stories / urban family life / historical
ALTERATIONS is a short story collection featuring stories of love and grief and family life. This a gem of beautiful writing and tells of emotionally touching characters, as evidenced by the comments from advance readers...


Among all the touching insights into a past that seems to haunt these stories by Rita Plush, I hear a character say, “Tell me you understand.” Anxieties of not knowing or of not knowing how to make the other person understand tell the upsetting truths of these vivid fictions and create their curious momentum.
–Joseph McElroy, author of Night Soul and Other Stories and the forthcoming Cannonball

Rita Plush’s short stories hold you on the edge of heartbreak. She writes eloquently of plucky children who have not been able to experience enough of childhood, but who weave tenderness out of whatever emotional threads they can string together.
–Maureen Brady, author of Folly and Ginger’s Fire

Rita Plush has written stories which deal with the evolution of one man. Outwardly, he deals with problems in teaching teenage boys and inwardly, with himself and his failures. Her stories are well written and draw in the reader; we will certainly be open to publishing her stories in the future.
–Elizabeth Kircos, Fiction/Non-Fiction Editor, The MacGuffin

All these pieces feel so immediate and alive – the voices, every detail – like memoir. They’re intimate, and funny, and full of surprises. They’re big – about The Big Subjects, love, death, sex, loss, longing. A number of these stories are told from the point of view of a young child, sharp-eyed, all senses on high alert. I especially enjoyed “Love, Mona.” The intimate, beautiful portrayal of grief and hope ends with a wordless gesture so tender and expressive, I will never forget it.
–Mary Azrael, Editor, Passager

Good and thoughtful stories that win the reader over. More truth than a reality show, and more vivid than most fiction. The wants, needs, satisfactions – and, yes, disappointments – of the characters are recognizable from our own stories.
–Phil Wagner, Editor/Publisher, Iconoclast

ALTERATIONS is available now in ebook and print at Amazon, and ebook at Smashwords and Barnes & Noble online!

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