Monday, July 23, 2012

New Release - A MOON CALLED SUN by Christopher F. Cobb

Christopher F. Cobb
Science Fiction / Time Travel / Alien Abduction

Available now in ebook, coming soon in print

Mysterious disappearances have plagued humanity throughout Earth’s history. The Bermuda Triangle, spontaneous combustion, alien abductions – all farfetched theories, but possibly closer to the truth than anyone imagines.

In 1942, a young woman vanishes from a bar in war-torn France, leaving behind an abandoned suitcase and a pile of ashes. In 1967, a solitary accountant goes home after work, and all that’s left is a pile of ashes in his bed. In 7013, a diminutive scientist attempts a daring escape from a crumbling society inside the frozen Earth, only to become ash himself. But when Trace Jackson of Florida goes on a fishing excursion in his trusty boat, accompanied by his faithful dog Skiff, he gets more than he bargained for when he comes upon a Coast Guard cutter in distress.

When Trace awakens, he finds his boat beached in pure white sand, and Skiff is nowhere around. But things quickly get strange when a beautiful Seminole woman dressed in scraps of deerskin follows Skiff to greet him. Trace knows he’s not in Kansas anymore – not that he ever was – because this is just downright weird. And it just keeps getting weirder when he realizes he and his dog and boat have been transported to the Florida coast of 1818.

Can Trace hold onto the love of his life when his distant ancestor, General Andrew Jackson, is determined to drive the Seminoles from the land? Can Trace hold onto his sanity when he suffers increasingly disturbing hallucinations and takes advice from a talking osprey? Trace realizes there actually is an alien abduction behind all this – a botched one at that. And far, far away, in a place where time no longer has meaning, he meets his destiny ... on a moon called Sun.


Born and raised in West Palm Beach, Florida, Christopher Cobb eventually ventured off to the wilds of New York City for several years to experience the world of acting. Finding it a cruel and inhospitable world, he hid high in the Appalachian mountains of North Georgia for a time. Having grown weary of snow and perilous black ice, his life path took him back home to South Florida where he earned college degrees at Florida Atlantic University and ultimately landed rewarding employment for the State of Florida. He now lives with his wife, Melissa and his sons Grant and Joey in Port Saint Lucie, where foreclosures are outnumbered only by surly seniors on electric scooters. He is a member of the Bloody Pens writers group and the South Florida Writers Association. He loves his family (all of them!) and his dogs, Gizmo, Dudley and Magnum (all rescued!) and intends on writing more exciting books for publication. All this makes Christopher a very happy man indeed. Visit his web site at...


  1. I am not sure which is more alien, distant planets or New York City. Good luck with your new book of alien abduction. It looks good.

  2. LOL, I just found this listing! Thank you Walter!



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