Friday, July 27, 2012

New Release - DEATH SPIRAL by James Boedeker

Yes, we're on a roll! Three books in one month, and more to go...

Jim Boedeker
Fiction: Paramilitary, Men's Fiction
(Content Rating: Contains material some readers may find objectionable)

When SEAL sniper Robert O’Leary was kicked out of the Navy, he was told he would be fine, that he was a survivor. Not likely. A squid through and through, with serious trust issues, O’Leary’s been trained to kill and is very good at it. But he’s haunted – not by the shots he made, but by the ones he was ordered not to take. The ghosts of the past won’t stand down and let him to adjust to civilian life, and the beast within demands blood and will not be ignored.

While on vacation in Thailand, O’Leary decides to stay in the country that is home away from home for many expatriate veterans. When he falls for a disfigured woman and learns how she was mutilated and tortured, he sees a chance to redeem himself by exacting revenge on her behalf. Suddenly he’s on a mission to make things right and ensure no more girls are victimized.

Together with a group of other American expats, he declares war on East European pimps and drug dealers that terrorize local bar girls. The plan is to hit the Romanians hard and let the Germans take the blame. After the Germans and Romanians start fighting, the Russians will get sucked into the fray. Then they all will die. The trick is not to join them in the dying part. But if there’s one thing O’Leary knows, it’s that any plan can go south in a heartbeat.

This against-all-odds paramilitary action thriller is a triumph for truth, justice, and automatic weapons. It tells of one man’s fall from grace, and the journey he makes to reclaim his sanity, his soul, his life.

Available now in ebook at popular online retailers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords. Coming soon in print to Amazon.

Look for the sequel, coming soon!


James Boedeker was born in Lander, Wyoming, and grew up in northeastern Pennsylvania. James enlisted in the United States Navy shortly after graduating from high school. After serving honorably, James entered the private sector, working as an industrial mechanic and technician for Procter and Gamble.

James lives with his wife in the country, enjoying the peace and solitude of the Endless Mountains in Pennsylvania. James enjoys the outdoors and target shooting. James is known for stalking and hunting the wily but dangerous bull woodchuck.

To find out more about the author and his books, visit his web site at...


  1. Congratulations James Boedeker on your first book, I'm sure one of many more to come. I loved your epic novel of truth, justice, and automatic weapons. Hoorah!

    We need to kill more bad guys.

    1. Walt, I owe you a lot for taking me under your wing and teaching me so many things. I also owe a lot Pat, I got a lot of help from both of you.
      I am lucky Walt because there will always be bad guys to kill.
      Walter Knight creator of my favorite dragon Spot.

  2. I love this cover! Congrats. I hope you'll do an interview on my blog.

  3. I would be more than happy to do an interview. The cover art was created by my future son in law. He is a very talented young man.


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