Sunday, April 29, 2012

New Release - JIMMY STU LIVES!

by Kent McDaniel
Science Fiction Fantasy Futuristic

Jimmy Stu Sloan has lost his faith. He's a pastor facing old age and eventual death, trying to hold things together for the sake of his burgeoning congregation, The Church of the Living Lord. Inspiration strikes on Easter Sunday morning, just as he's about to give his televised sermon. And, instead of speaking only of the resurrection of Christ, he makes a bid for his own resurrection in the future, vowing to move forward with plans for cryogenic preservation of his body. But when he awakens in the future to find himself young again and memories intact, he discovers not everyone's happy to see him back from the dead. In the hands of his second-in-command, his church has grown to become a political behemoth with more power than he thinks is right. Question is, will he live long enough to help change things back to the way they should be, with church and state remaining separate?
An exciting adventure featuring cover art by renowned comic book illustrator Joe Staton, available now in ebook at popular online retailers like Amazon and Barnes & Noble and Smashwords. Coming soon in print!


  1. Miracles can come true, can't they, with a little help from technology?

    Congratulations on your new book.

  2. I really like this cover. Congrats.

  3. Thanks, guys, will send your comments to Kent.


  4. Thanks Walter and Natasha. I appreciate your interest a lot. I enjoyed your blog post about Superman and Batman, Natasha. Two of my favorites. And I just finished Feeling Lucky, which made me laugh out loud, Walter. Joey C. Reminds me of one of my favorites, Retief. Only less scrupulous and sensitive!


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