Tuesday, May 24, 2011

DARK CRESCENDO now available!

Contemporary Romance
by Lucille Naroian

At the highly publicized funeral of her famous pianist husband, Joanna Reed Dalton unexpectedly sees her former lover, Nick Jordan, and is overwhelmed with yearning and unanswered questions.
Joanna’s father, Boston physician Dr. Carlton Reed, hated Nick, a common construction worker, and tried to keep him from Joanna. Nick disappeared, seeming to give up on Joanna when she foolishly agreed to marry her Julliard piano instructor, Steven Dalton. During the entire three years of her loveless marriage to Steven, Joanna has longed for Nick – and now he’s back in her life. But will he stay when Joanna’s father tries to keep them apart once again?
Nick’s obviously after something, but Joanna’s not sure if it’s romance or revenge. The truth of the past builds in a dark crescendo of danger and heartache that can’t possibly end well – or can it? The final notes will ring true, heralding the death of a lost love, or a new beginning.

Available now in ebook at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Smashwords, and more! Coming soon in print!

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