Friday, February 11, 2011

Paranoid Enemies - Walter Knight's newest in the AGFL series

The theme of my newest book America's Galactic Foreign Legion - Book 7: Enemies is that even the paranoid have enemies. Colonel Joey R. Czerinski becomes more unstable as he suspects the galaxy is conspiring to kill him, including snipers, two alien species, bandits, insurgents, best friends, mafia gamblers, drug dealers, kidnappers, reporters, attorneys, Mafia gamblers, new Legion recruits, and alien mad scientists bouncing mind control pulse rays off the ionosphere aimed at humanity. And, all these groups are wary of each other. Conspiracy theories abound.

Even Czerinski's girlfriend conspires twice with insurgents to kill him. Czerinski would break up with Lydia, but she is hot, and the alternative is sex with aliens, a terrifying prospect he is well aware of. Even after throwing a grenade under her bed during a failed insurgent attack, they get back together.

Speaking of being paranoid, last year I asked my son Michael Knight whether any of my books were being pirated. Michael (a suspected pirate) advised no. I was disappointed because nefarious internet types violating federal law to pirate books is a true test of literary popularity and success. By the way, sales have been great, and I thank all you Kindle readers. Anyway, now my son reports that, yes indeed, AGFL - Book 1: Feeling Lucky is being pirated. Yes! I am so happy.

Walter Knight


  1. With seven AGFL books now published, I took the plunge and reduced the price of "AGFL-1 Feeling Lucky" to 99 cents for a Kindle E-book. I do not know how long that will last, but I want AGFL-1 to be a gateway to the rest of the series.

    Sales for the AGFL series have been great (about 2500 during January) but there is always room for improvement. Even so, that is not bad considering the series is only half published.

    I have been struggling with AGFL-14 lately, up to chapter 13. No matter what, I will alwayz keep writing.

  2. The price is back to $2.99. Lots of people took advantage of the sale for ten days, but sales have been so steady that in the long run I am just going to concentrate on getting the rest of the series edited.

    Also, I am adding short stories to as many AGFL books as I can write, to give readers a little extra.


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