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Author Phyllis Campbell interviews Penumbra Publishing author Lucille Naroian

(This blog interview by author Phyllis Campbell, featuring Penumbra Publishing author Lucille Naroian is republished with permission from

Phyllis: I want to introduce you to Lucille. Welcome to my sultry blog, my friend. And thank you for letting me interviewing you!

Tell us about yourself and how you first started writing.

Lucille: Many years ago, a friend of mine gave me a copy of The Thorn Birds by Colleen McCollough. She raved about it, and promised me I would regard this 590 page novel as my all time favorite. I took one look at the thickness of the book, gave her a toothy smile and a hug, then put it away. I didn't have time to waste on a book about a priest who couldn't choose between God and a woman. I am the product of Catholic schools. Where's the choice? Well, the day came when it was time to read something from my 'to be read' pile, so I picked up the book, gave it a good dusting, and dove in. Three hours later, I was still reading. If I had walked into a book store way back then, I would never have chosen this book, and it would've been my loss. Reading a story that starts at WWI and ends in the 1960s, is enough to boggle any mind. And yet, Ms. McCollough took me through the saga so brilliantly, I hardly noticed the ride. What I did notice was how she brought the story full circle. Fee's daughter Meggie, ended up living the exact same life as her mother. Brilliant planning! The television miniseries is also my favorite, and the original theme song by Henry Mancini is on the HOME page of my website.

Phyllis: I have to admit, I never read The Thorn Birds, but I do love the movie!! So is the book that changed your life or made you want to become a writer?

Lucille: Well, it didn't change my life, but it did make me want to try my hand at writing. At the time, I was married with a family, and had very little time to weave my romantic tales. I had become a full time portrait artist as well who worked out of my studio at home. But when the urge to write took over, I would pen my romantic tales late at night while my family slept. I told nobody, fearing they would laugh at my futile attempt at story telling. I was a closet writer until two years ago when I took out my three type-written manuscripts. I polished up one to the best of my ability, and sent it off to Penumbra Publishing. They accepted the book, and I've been flying high ever since.

Phyllis: What an awesome story! If you could go back in time, where would you go?

Lucille: To be very honest with you, I wouldn't go back in time. I'm very happy living in the here and now with my life just as it is. The only thing I would've changed in my youth is my diet, and I would have exercised more.

Phyllis: I hear ya, woman! Okay, so what is your favorite thing about yourself?

Lucille: First of all, I'm true to my Catholic faith regardless of what has taken place in the Church recently and in the past. Who am I to make a judgment call on another human being? But as for me, I like to think my best virtue is being kind to others. There are two traits in people that disturb me greatly. One is cruelty to man or beast, and the other is dishonesty.

Phyllis: You are truly a Christian woman, then!! You have a few books out, which is a huge accomplishment, but do you have a favorite? If so, why?

Lucille: I don't know how other authors feel, but my first book, Talk of the Town is my favorite. It's a love story with a lot of humor in it, and I don't mean silliness. It was not my intent to pepper it up with humor, but the character of Samantha's agent is just a funny guy. He reminds me of me. If you look hard enough, you can find humor in anything. And Adam Pearce does.

Phyllis: I love romances - or stories in general - with humor! Way to go! What inspired you to write your latest release, Unforgettable?

Lucille: A few years back, I worked with a young girl who was left at the altar by her conman of a boyfriend. We all knew he was a loser, but love is blind, right? Well, hers was deaf and dumb as well. One day I got the bug to write again, but I had no storyline in my head. And then I thought of this girl and asked...what if? And the story took off.

Phyllis: Don't you just love how story ideas come? Tell us about your book.

Lucille: Be glad to. My heroine, Maddie Price is dumped at the altar and she's livid. Her fiance, a poor artist, talks her into marriage saying they'll honeymoon and live in Paris where his chances of becoming a great painter are much better. She has money...he takes it and runs off. When Maddie realizes what he's done, she ignores the weatherman's forecast of a tropical rain storm moving up the Eastern seacoast, jumps into her old jalopy, and takes off after him. One of her tires gets mangled in a giant pothole. Nobody is around, so she decides to fix it herself. Suddenly, she's confronted by a vicious dog who is threatening to rip out her throat. When the dog's owner comes to her rescue, she reluctantly takes refuge at his mansion, but is still determined to reach the scoundrel who jilted her and retrieve what's hers.

Famous playwright Robert Kendall's life on Cape Cod is anything but calm and uneventful. His Chinese live-in housekeeper, Mrs. O'Malley, has a drinking problem, and his best friend, an actor, sets out to prove he's the perfect choice to play the part of a cross-dressing drag-queen in Robert's new play. Finding Maddie irresistible, Robert knocks himself out trying to make her forget the man who abandoned her. The only problem is, Maddie doesn't trust her instincts after being conned. With Robert seemingly interested in a mysterious fiery redhead, Maddie can't believe she's the only woman in his life. Will Robert's promise to his best friend and Maddie's habitual mistrust prove to be their undoing? Maybe losing each other is the only way Robert and Maddie will realize they belong together.

Phyllis: Sounds like a fun story! Where can readers contact you?

Lucille: They can reach me at, through my website at, and my email,

Thanks, Lucille! This was a fun interview!


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  1. very cool interview. I love how the writer came up with this story.


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