Monday, January 17, 2011


A company is nothing without a visionary to run it and people to sustain it.

Customers may come, and customers may go, but a company IS its people. What is a company that does not value its own people?

A company's identity depends in part on the people that make it work. That identity may change from time to time...

...and a company may even try to recreate itself. But any company that does not recognize two important things will always fail...

...a company needs people to sustain it and must provide something people want or need.

A company's relationship with its new customers is like an introduction; if things are mutually thought to go well, a friendship can begin.

The success and endurance of that friendship depends on maintenance of the relationship: regular contact, mutual benefit, and good will.
Robert Wetherall's book LAST FLIGHT HOME is a lesson in the corporate world of commercial aeronautics and the love of flying.

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