Monday, July 19, 2010

Kindle Sales reports that Kindle sales through July 2010 are triple Kindle sales for all of 2009. In the last three months Amazon Kindle sales surpased hard cover sales at a 143 to 100 ratio. And, the price of the Amazon Kindle eReader has dropped from $259 to $189.

This means a Merry Christmas for small publisher and their authors. I sincerely hope everyone gets an Amazon eReader for Christmas this year because finally small publishers can compete on an even playing field with the large publishers.

Large publishers can easily get their books on brick & mortar book store shelves by agreeing to take back all unsold copies, creating a monoply for a select few publishing houses. Small publishers cannot take back unsold books because their books are print on demand (POD), and so are locked out of large market book stores.

But with Kindle, both large and small publishers compete on equal footing because everyone shops at the same place online, and prices are competetive. Move over big dogs from New York City. Kindle is the future.

I have noticed Kindle sales of my America's Galactic Foreign Legion series increase quite a bit, a pleasent surprise I did not see coming.

Merry Christmas,

Walter Knight

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  1. Here is an update on Kindle sales. Today 7-24-10 I am looking at the Kindle sales ranking for "America's Galactic Foreign Legion - Feeling Lucky" and seeing the overall Kindle sales ranking to be #6,319. That's not bad for a new book by from a small press and an unknown author. I also see sales rankings of #76 for WAR and #86 for Adventure.

    My goal, of course, is to break into the top 100 for Sience Fiction, but AGFL is a three year project and momentum is building. It is exciting times.



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