Wednesday, July 28, 2010

$2.00 OFF All Our Books Direct From Printer

Who doesn't like to save money on books?

Now for a limited time get great summer reading by ordering our books direct from the printer with a $2.00 discount on each title!

Pick out the title you like, click the URL, and use this discount code...

2AP9MA2V purchase! Buy more than one book by adding to your shopping cart at the printer's web site, with secure online purchasing using your credit card!

America's Galactic Foreign Legion - Book 1: Feeling Lucky, by Walter Knight
(Humorous Sci-Fi Military Adventure)

America's Galactic Foreign Legion - Book 2: Reenlistment, by Walter Knight
(Humorous Sci-Fi Military Adventure)

Angel's Oracle, by Gary Bolick
(Southern Literary/Historical)

Crystal Clear: Storm Ryder, by Dana Warryck
(Science-Fiction Fantasy Romance) - Mistress Blackheart: Policeman's Prerogative, by Dallas White
(Humorous Contemporary Erotic Romance)

Heart of Steele, by Kessa Stranberg
(Contemporary Romance)

Last Flight Home, by Robert Wetherall
(Corporate Aeronautics Saga)

Lucifer's Last Lover, by Dana Warryck
(Supernatural/Paranormal Fantasy Romance)

Parallel Triangle, by Sandy Hyatt-James
(Science-Fiction Fantasy Romance)

Pixie, by Willa Kaye Danes
(Fairy Fantasy Romance)

Stepping Out of My Grave, by David Berardelli
(Paranormal Ghost Suspense)

Talk of the Town, by Lucille Naroian
(Contemporary Romance)

The Cat's Fancy, by Gwynn E. Ambrose
(Contemporary Humorous Romance)

The Protectorate: Patriarch, by Dana Warryck
(Vampire/Paranormal Erotic Romance)

The Realms of Beliar: The Sword Myndarit, by Andrew Arrowsmith
(Epic Fantasy)

Unforgettable, by Lucille Naroian
(Contemporary Romance)

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