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A review of Wild Evolution was recently published by as follows:

Wild Evolution by C. Fern Cook *New Review

Penumbra Publishing, 2009

ISBN: 978-0-9819614-3-9

Available: New

The life of Dan Tucker, a normal rancher in a normal Colorado rural town with all the normal small town characters, is turned upside down when he suffers a bite from what he believed was a wild dog. After cutting off the wild dog’s head to test for rabies, then finding a human head the next morning in its place, Tucker discovers the wild dog was in fact a werewolf and he has been contaminated by its bite. Tucker embraces this transformation, but not without ramifications, such as murder, and the subsequent deteriorating friendship with his best friend, the local cop, Tony Ramirez.

In this first book of her paranormal Wild Series, C. Fern Cook takes a unique spin on werewolf mythology. She uses her knowledge of the Colorado landscape and small town atmospheres to take great care in describing the settings and interactions of her characters with nature and each other. Additionally, her background as an officer of the law helps in accurately depicting scenes involving police officer Tony Ramirez, his dealings with his fellow co-workers, the community at large, and his investigation methods.

Cook’s writing style will reach a wide variety of readers in a variety of age ranges. Wild Evolution is easily accessible for adult readers as well as older young adults. She uses very little profanity, and her descriptions of violence and gore are just enough to produce the desired fear and suspense effect without being overly graphic. Added bits of romance provide another conflict element, but without overpowering the main focus of the story. The story moves quickly beginning from the very first page, and it ends at a perfect cliff-hanger for her next book in the series. Readers will itch to get their hands on the second book as soon as possible. This is an ideal book for a public library collection, and an absolute must have for small town, rural public libraries.

Contains: Mild violence & gore, mild sex

Review by Kelly Fann

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