Tuesday, October 20, 2015

New Release - America's Galactic Foreign Legion Book 22

From his humble beginning as a published author in 2009, Walter Knight has managed to build a huge following for his long-running military/humorous science fiction series, AMERICA'S GALACTIC FOREIGN LEGION. We're pleased to announce the release of BOOK 22, BLUE POWDER WAR...

by Walter Knight
Fiction: Science Fition, Military, Humor

In the twenty-second installment of this preposterous science fiction series, Colonel Joey R. Czerinski still has his hands full, trying to keep the drug trade and the Arthropodan spider commander under control on planet New Colorado. After Major Manny Lopez used the time machine to bring two grade-A cookers from the past to concoct a special recipe of blue powder to be distributed on New Colorado, the drug trade has really exploded.
With Legion enlistments down, the draft is reinstituted, and Czerinski plucks likely victims from every quarter as his Polish ancestry rears its ugly head in the form of a Polish drug cartel. Struggling to get the drug lords on New Colorado under control, Czerinski lands in more trouble with more bad press. The Butcher of New Colorado is as unaware and ineffectual as ever in handling the situation. Can he keep it together long enough to make another successful wager on football, this time a game between guards and prisoners at the local jail?
Familiar faces make appearances along with new ones – including a talking groundhog. Has Czerinski’s insanity rendered him the only one who can understand what Mr. Groundhog has to say? Even as the war on drugs draws to a close and Czerinski contemplates retirement from the glorious life of a legionnaire, the laughs continue! He’s in for the duration.

Available now in ebook exclusively at Amazon Kindle, and print!

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  1. I love the cover art. If you look closely, you can see a cow and trailer home swirling around the tornado. The rodent in the foreground is a cameo for my daughter's pet prairie dog. I wrote other cameos into AGFL-22 for friends. I hope that goes well, humor can be a difficult thing.


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