Friday, September 5, 2014

New Book Release: THE HARD WAY

James Boedeker
FICTION: Military/Action-Adventure

Growing up dirt-poor in the Wyoming wilderness as part of the white-trash Childress clan, Jonah learned life’s lessons fast, the hard way. At six years of age, Jonah learned to hunt to help feed his family. He also learned to fight to protect his sister.

With a drunken abusive father and a hapless lazy mother, Jonah had no hope, but vowed somehow to save his little sister Gail from their hell on earth. Then along came Kevin O’Malley, a soldier awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor, in Wyoming with his wife for a vacation hunting trip.

Kevin took notice of the remarkable Jonah Childress. He couldn’t allow this boy’s life to be wasted. When Kevin’s wife Stacey agreed to take on the care of the two children, Kevin was all-in to save Jonah and Gail. His first order of business was to get the boy and his sister away from their abusive situation. That turned out to be no easy task, especially when Jonah had learned to trust no one, and the Childress clan wasn’t about to let go of one of their own without a fight.

Kevin was the type of man who’d never give up. He had long-range plans for Jonah. But, in the end, what would it really cost him – all of them?

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  1. James Boedeker is not only a hell of a writer, he's getting better.


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