Friday, January 4, 2013

Five-day ebook giveaway FREE EBOOK - AGFL04

Yes, some of our authors are craaaayyyyyzeeeeeeyyyy about giving away their books. For the next five days get AMERICA'S GALACTIC FOREIGN LEGION BOOK 4 for free on Kindle. Download a Kindle reading app to your electronic device for free too!

by Walter Knight
Fiction: Science Fiction, Military, Humor, Political Satire

The New Gobi Desert on planet New Colorado is hot-hot-hot, and when Major Joey Czerinski and his platoon are ordered there to check on Arthropodan spider military activity, Czerinski finds it hard to believe the spiders are just building a swimming pool. The spider commander is a royal pain in the rear, and Czerinski's cowboy diplomacy doesn't help the situation. Tit-for-tat one-upmanship escalates the conflict, making the DMZ explosive. A juvie militia leader rises from the dust to complicate things, and with Walmart, McDonald's, and chupacabra thrown into the mix, the absurdity never stops. Czerinski handles it all with his usual politically-incorrect aplomb in this fourth installment of the giggles-and-belly-laughs military space opera.

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  1. The good thing about an 18 book series is it is easy to give away a book once in a while as an introduction to my work.

    "America's Galactic Foreign Legion (Book 4) Demilitarized Zone" was insppired by the DMZ separating Korea. Aliens and humans fighting over a tree branch dangling across the border seemed humorous, altough in reality such matters have had tragic consequences.


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