Thursday, November 29, 2012

DEATH SPIRAL Book 2: Jai Dee, by James Boedeker

Death Spiral is quite a wild read, and now the story continues...

James Boedeker
Fiction / Men's Fiction / Paramilitary-Expatriate

Expatriate and former Marine Corps sniper Mike Towery made millions as a hired assassin. Retired from the business, he is wanted in several countries and ends up in Bangkok, Thailand, the ‘sin city’ of Asia. He now regrets killing people for profit. Some deserved to die, but others did not. To ease his guilt, he uses his considerable funds and personal skills to fight for the undisputed underdogs of Bangkok – the ‘working girls.’ He sets himself up as their self-appointed guardian angel and earns the reputation on the streets as Jai Dee – Good Heart. But deep down he knows he is really Jai Rai – Dark Heart. Still, he does what he can to reclaim his soul. When he accepts Lek, a close friend and former working girl as his soul mate, he sees a glimmer of hope for redemption.

Mike meets Eric, a fellow expatriate new to Thailand. Eric’s skills can help with Mike’s plan to get many working girls out of the ‘business’ with real jobs. When a close friend of Mike and Lek is mutilated and left to die, Mike knows a sick bastard is out there who needs to be stopped. Mike searches for fellow expatriates with skills like his to help him bring down this animal before he hurts more people. His quest leads him to ex-Navy SEAL sniper Robert O’Leary and his ex-CIA friend Bruce Broderic, but convincing them to join him is much harder than he expects. Robert knows this ‘Dark Angel’ killer and seems reluctant to tangle with him again. Robert and Bruce don’t want to spoil their tranquility by hunting for this reputed demon on a killing spree. Then the unthinkable happens, and everyone’s lives change...

Available now in ebook at Amazon, Smashwords, and Barnes & Noble, coming very soon in print to Amazon!

(WARNING - descriptions of graphic violence)


  1. I'm seeing good sales for both Death Spiral books. Good job, Jim.

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