Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Freaky Fridays Giveaway - ANGEL MOON on Kindle

by Jamie Wasserman
Vampire Horror Paranormal

Kirsten Tyler's father and brother were brutally murdered – drained of blood – when she was just a little girl. The angels came to comfort her and watch over her, but then suddenly left. She's spent the last ten years trying to find them. Answers she sought about the past threaten to wreck her future when people close to her start turning up murdered – again...


For the next three Fridays, BLOOD AND SUNLIGHT BOOK2 ANGEL MOON will be free on Amazon Kindle...

Friday, Nov. 2
Friday, Nov. 9
Friday, Nov. 16
Saturday, Nov. 17

If you haven't read the sequel to the wildly popular vampire tale, BLOOD AND SUNLIGHT, don't miss your chance to pick up this ebook free.

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