Monday, May 21, 2012

New Book Releases

by Walter Night

Things just keep getting loonier on planet New Colorado, where a new officer, Lieutenant Chris Columbus, claims he’s the original Christopher Columbus credited with discovering America back on Old Earth in 1492. He also claims Major Lopez went back in time as General Lopez and recruited him to the Legion. Czerinski’s not buying the whole time-travel thing, but that doesn’t stop the Arthropodan spider commander from suspecting there’s something to it. And if that wasn’t weird enough, another lieutenant from the past makes an appearance, as well as the Legion’s most hated traitor, claiming he’s being chased by vampire commandos. Welcome back to Camp Crazy with this next installment of the whacky military space opera.

And yet another installment is on the horizon. If you haven’t been reading this series, try the first one and see how it all started – just 99 cents in Kindle ebook! (Note this book is available only at Amazon)

by Rita Plush

Empty nest and retired husband … after thirty years of cooking and cleaning, Lily Gold wants more out of life, something she can do just for her. A job seems like a great idea, but re-entering the work force is harder than she thinks. Just when she finds the perfect situation in an antique store, with the opportunity to start her own business, husband Leon finds he doesn’t like not having her at his beck and call and pulls the plug on the finances. HIS needs – what about HERS? Lily’s had enough! But how far will she go to assert her independence and prove she has what it takes to be her own person? Does doing what you love mean you have to leave behind those you love? Lily’s about to find out…

“Endearing, funny, suspenseful, and heart-rending. Lily Gold’s story is every middle-aged married woman’s story, every empty-nest homemaker’s life. You go, girl! I absolutely loved this book!” – advance-reader and author Willa Kaye Danes.

“Charming and carefully observed, LILY STEPS OUT is a First Wives Club for the new millennium. LILY will win your heart as she ‘comes of age.’ A great read!” – Kevin Misher, producer of Public Enemies.

“…engagingly written. The voice is shrewd, sharp, funny, and yet tender.” – Joyce Carol Oates.

Patricia Morrison
Penumbra Publishing


  1. I'm having way too muc fun writing the "America's Galactic Foreign Legion" series. AGFL-15 is about time traveling Christopher Columbus and General George Patton joining future America's Foreign Legion.

    I enjoy sneeking history and pop culture trivia into my writing. I took that one step further by giving cameo appearances to three online friends who gave me great book reviews: Robert Woodard, Ronny Bogani, and Bruce Boedeker, as my way for saying thanks encouragement and helping AGFL become a successful series. As I said, I'm having way too much fun.

    AGFL-16, about building a Disneyland theme park on another planet will be completed very soon, and will showcase the talent of Jim Boedeker, Bruce's brother. This will be my first collaboration, and I am excited about the great humor we've created. Jim is off the hook crazy. He's also an ex-squid, but no one is perfect.

  2. have you ever wondered why scuba divers fall backwards off the side of the boat into the water? Duh, if they fell forward they would still be in the boat.


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