Thursday, November 17, 2011

NEW RELEASE - America's Galactic Foreign Legion, Book 13

Book 13: Salesman From Mars
by Walter Knight
Science Fiction / Military / Humor

Zany military political humor takes a front seat with a new star in this thirteenth installment of the screwy military space saga.

Born salesman Donald Crisp is down on his luck and short of money. When Crisp accepts a loan from the USGF recruitment ATM, he ends up - of course - enlisted in the United States Galactic Federation Foreign Legion.

Oranges for scorpions, semi-sentient penguins, biting Blue Lizards, ghosts from the past, and cheating at cards make life interesting as Crisp chills at the South Pole, then makes a splash in Caldera Lake - all the while watching out for the Grim Reaper!

Available in ebook at these popular online retailers - Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords - and coming soon in print!


  1. Coming soon in print - hooray! Do you know if they'll be sold in New Zealand?

  2. Wendy aka Quillfeather has left a new comment on your post "NEW RELEASE - America's Galactic Foreign Legion, B...":

    Coming soon in print - hooray! Do you know if they'll be sold in New Zealand?

    Hi Wendy, this post has not appeared on the blog where anyone can see it, but Blogger sent an email, so I'm putting it up here...

    Right now the best bet is to get the books through Amazon. They are making inroads to Europe, but I don't think they've negotiated a presence in Australia / New Zealand yet.

    Good news is, once all the books are available, we will be having several contests and giveaways - so stay tuned!

  3. How very odd. Oh well, thanks for responding nevertheless.

    I will stay tuned, don't you worry. I've been itching to get my hands on one of Wally's books!

    Be interesting to see if this comment sticks on your blog. Here goes ...

  4. Hi Wendy:

    I sell a lot of AGFL books in the UK, and a few in Germany. I E-mailed Amazon demanding they expedite opening the New Zealand market.

    Expect America's Galactic Foreign Legion to land soon on a shore near you.

  5. Yes, your second comment showed up! Thanks, Wendy.

    Pat, Penumbra Publishing


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