Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mind your Moose - er, Muse!

All great writers learn to trust in their Muse to sustain, direct and nourish their creative efforts. According to my celebrated pal, author and welder Eddy Salinski, minding your own Muse is definitely your ticket to instant success.

Eddy claims Muses come in all forms, ready to stand by writers with supplies of wisdom, inspiration, and imagination. With a Muse at your side, your literary road will be cleared of obstacles, and even the most finicky agents will humbly prostrate themselves in supplication at your feet.

And deep down, isn’t that what we all are really seeking?

Eddy says his own personal Muse happens to be a 1935 Ford two-door sedan that has been gathering dust and mice in his garage for decades. The old car was there when Eddy inherited his old house, and he decided to leave it in situ, since it wasn’t bothering anyone.

Today Eddy likes to sit in the driver’s seat behind the banjo steering wheel and exchange creative thoughts with the Ford. Even the resident mice listen attentively as Eddy and the Ford commune together.

I asked Eddy how all of this Musing had helped his writing – and could he actually trace any book sales to this methodology. He just looked at me sadly and offered, “You just don’t get it, do you, Bob?”

Well, getting it or not, one thing is for sure: If it works for Eddy Salinski, it’s good enough for me. Now I’m on the lookout for a Muse of my very own. In fact, there’s an old junk yard just outside of town, and I’m heading over there this afternoon to see what’s available.

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