Tuesday, May 4, 2010

America's Galactic Foreign Legion Book 2

America’s Galactic Foreign Legion -Walter Knight’s BOOK 2: REENLISTMENT, the second book in the America’s Galactic Foreign Legion series, is now available in print and ebook. Get your copy today and enjoy more laughs as gambler, casino boss, and ex-legionnaire Joey Czerinski continues dealing with alien spider adversaries in the politically incorrect military space saga…


  1. America's Galactic Foreign Legion is a 13 book humorous science fiction series. It's a fun read, and I had fun writing it.

    My webiste has a picture of an alien soldier, carrying an AK-47 type rifle, lighting a cigarete, drinking a Starbucks coffee, and sporting a NKIE swoosh on his sleeve.

    The evil aliens take a liking to American culture. This is a big part of the AGFL series. My lead character, a compulsive gambler, encourages contamination of the aliens culture with gambling, booze, fast food, sports, TV, and the fast life. I am especially proud of alien shoppers rioting in fron of Walmart on Black Friday. It's a distinctly American tradition.

    The humor is often a bit absurd, but how many science fiction novels will make you laugh out loud? Mine will. Free chapters are available on my website. I invite comments, suggestions for new chapters, or just say hello.


    Walt Knight

  2. This sounds like an excellent read. Will definitely be a book I purchase.

  3. Hi Wendy! Wendy writes one of my favorite writer's blogs. She writes from New Zealand (that is Down Under and Off To The Side).

    I hope every one gets a chance to read Wendy's blog. It covers a lot of stuff including This month an article by Spephen King and yours truly. Thank you for your gracious comments. Keep Writing.


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