Thursday, July 16, 2009

change of season

Most people are busy with the summer season and vacation plans, but I have slipped into a cycle of drudging through the summer working alone in my library pushing myself to the limit in order to finish up with my latest manuscript so it will be ready to go to print in the fall.

Maybe this is a sickness or an addiction. I am not sure, but it seems to happen every year. I have to give thanks for a understanding husband who lets me be in my obsession.

This summer I am holed up in my library with my husband and kids enjoy their camping trip. It's probably a good thing for them, they get a man's vacation, no nagging women around to tell them to clean up.

Hopefully this solitude will produce a story readers will enjoy. "Indian Summer" is due out this fall. A sweet romance placed in the middle of South Dakota and the nearby Indian reservations, a place that captures my imagination.

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